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As some of you might noticed, it seems emptier here. After thinking for a while, I decided to take out most of the content out of this website in order to start fresh.


When I started this blog (circa 2011), I was just starting on development, I was part of my student union, political organizations and that shows. Alongside that, most of the 2011-2014 stuff was written in Spanish, which in the spirit of global communication doesn’t make any sense.

What now?

The intention today of this blog is to be purely technical, so please expect more [Daily Tips], [Design] & [Programming] articles, on a more consistent basis. I have tons of drafts saved since I started this process.

I’ve been spending these lasts months learning new technologies, so I hope to bring exciting and fresh content for all of you!.

If you want to check my non-tech stuff, add me on facebook or follow me on twitter.

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